Seaside promenade

Seaside promenade

Enjoy strolling leisurely while viewing the magnificent Kanmon Strait

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This promenade is located at the foot of the Kanmon Bridge, along the coastline in the Mekari district in Moji-ku. Starting at Norfolk Square, the promenade runs about 900 meters north to south to Mekari Shiokaze Hiroba. The revetment facing the sea has been built by heaping natural granite in a step-like form. This place provides a magnificent view of the Kanmon Strait and a close view of many ships coming and going through the strait.

Address 2 Kyumoji, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu City
Access Very short walk from Norfolk Square Station on the Kitakyushu Bank Retro Line (Shiokaze-go Train)
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